WishIndex.com Welcomes you!

WishIndex is a website which allows you to create your own wish lists and share it with your friend and family. The advantage of WishIndex is that it works accross the web, so that you can add items from many different websites and you are therefore not limited to just one or a few sites.

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Getting Started

Using wishindex.com is a simple 4 step program as described below

Step 1 - Register

First create an account and register your detail. This can be done by clicking on the register menu link on the left of this page

Step 2 - Create a List

Once registered then you create your first list. Give the list a new and define how it can be accessed

Step 3 - Add an item

Once you have your list, add items onto the list. The details can either be entered automatically from selected sites, or manually.

Step 4 - Share your List

Now you can (optionally) share your list. Send it to friends and family and tell them what you would like them to purchase. (Requires the list to be public or limited)